Northern Titan -- Bull Moose

 30" x 40" acrylic on hardwood panel
A marsh on a cool October morning often has vapour rising from the surface. In the midst of that low-lying fog, you might find a moose plunging its head in search of aquatic plants. Moose are very much at home in the water. During the fall mating season, sporting a rack of antlers reaching as much as six feet, a mature bull can be very aggressive. The greatest danger most of the year however, is to motorists on dark northern highways. In spite of their ungainly appearance they move with a certain dignity that commands respect.
In this painting, the predominant compositional element is a curve - seen in the antlers, the arches of the cattails, the sweep of the background shadow, the slope of the moose's back, the eye, the nostril and the "bell". Repetition of line, shape, colour and value can help create rhythm and unify a painting.
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